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Pinterest Picks #7 {LDS/Church Edition}

Before we get started on this weeks Pinterest Picks 
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For this weeks Pinterest Picks I have another Special Edition for you!

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This week is a special weekend for our church. We get to listen to our Prophet and Apostles and other church leaders. They give us guidance and counsel. It is always a highlight of my year.
 It is our Semi-Anual General Conference this weekend.
If you would like to learn more about my church go HERE.

So the Special Edition I have for you today is
LDS/Church Things!

With General Conference this weekend you need to check out this site if you have young kiddos at home. She has tons of ideas and lots of printable pages to keep the kids attention during conference!!
I will be printing out a few for mine!!
Pinned HERE

This is another site that has some ideas for General Conference for the kiddos! I really like the temple print at the bottom that the kids can put ribbon through the holes! My daughter would LOVE this and it  would be good for church too!
Pinned HERE

This is such a cute idea to hand out to older kids you teach or just for your family. I know its probably a little late for this now, but I LOVE this to help the kids out and get them to really listen to conference.
Source: Makoodle
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I absolutely LOVE this picture!! It is PERFECT! Totally speaks for itself!
Source: Brielle Photography and Design {I couldn't find the original post!}
Pinned HERE

This is such a cute idea to help kids learn how to write! My little girl is in preschool right now doing this very thing. She would LOVE this!! I think this is going to be on my list of things to make in the next little bit!!!
Pinned HERE

I think this would be so cute to give to a child on the Baptism Day. I love that they have done it for both boys and girls. It would also be fun to display on the table if you have a child getting baptized. If you go to her site she will also customize them as well with their name and the date they were baptized!
Source: Oopsey Daisy
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I LOVE this diagram with all the armor pieces and what they mean! Cute for a lesson hand out! Good way to remember all of them. So CUTE!
**There are also a TON of other Super Cute illustrations on their blog for other church things. You must go check it out!
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I am in LOVE with this saying! It is so true and sometimes hard to understand why blessings come when they do but its the Lords timing not ours.
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This site is Amazing!!! There are a lot of free primary talks for the kiddos! There have many different topics. This is a must if you have kids in primary!
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This site has a lot of fun activities to help kids learn the scriptures. They also have fun FHE lessons as well. Good resource!
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That's it for this weeks Pinterest Picks!!
Hope you were able to find some good ideas to help you as well!

Have a fun Conference weekend!

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  1. These are all such great ideas thank you so much for sharing


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