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Pinterest Picks #27

Happy Friday!!

How is your week going?? I hope its been amazing!! 

I have found so many great things on Pinterest this week. I could come up with a huge list, but I am just going to have to choose my absolute favorites! 

Pinterest Picks just got a whole lot easier! Why?? Because I just added a new feature to my blog. When you hover over an image the Pinterest icon will appear and you can pin the image right from there! Wahoo!

So here are this weeks 

Don't these brownies look Amazing?!? What a fun and unique dessert for a party! I need to try these very soon! YUM!!
Pinned HERE

These are no bake Peanut Butter Bars. They sound so good! They even had graham crackers crumbled in them. Mmm!! 
Pinned HERE

Are these not the cutest popsicles you have ever seen?!? They are sprite and gummy bears put into popsicle molds and frozen! I need to find some molds for the summer! So CUTE!!! I know for a fact my kids would LOVE these!
Source: In the Corner
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These are Avocado, Cream Cheese and salsa filled pockets. They sound delish!! What a fun dinner idea!
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I love this idea...take magazine racks and put your fruits and veggies in them! What a great way to add a little color to the walls!
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This was something I so needed to see this week. There are times I feel inadequate as being a mother, especially recently, but thats me looking at me. I know my kids don't think that about me at all. I know to them I am a Super Mom and that's all I need to know!
Source: And Spiritually Speaking {I couldn't find original post}
Pinned HERE

Even though this are a bit high...I think they are so cute!! I love the 2 toned color and how it looks like stripes. Such a cute dressy sandal!
Source: Style Caster {Couldn't find post}
Pinned HERE

I love that bows are staring to come back in. They are just so girly!! I love this simple, but gorgeous bow ring! I would love get me one! {in the long future when I have a lot of money. Hah!!}
Pinned HERE

I Love this braided top knot. What a cute style to wear on a lazy hair day! It sounds SO easy to do too! I am going to try this out soon!
Pinned HERE

I am loving this shirt with the 2 toned colors. Its different, but really cute on!! I need to find me one of these! Gorgeous!
Source: Haute Look
Pinned HERE

That's it for this weeks Pinterest Picks!!

Hope you were able to see something you like as well!!  


  1. Love the two colored wedges! I can't wait for it to actually feel like spring!

    1. Aren't they so cute?!? For reals! I am ready for that too! It just snowed here today in Utah. Boo :( Hopefully it warms up soon!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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