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DIY Wood Step Stool

This last week I started potty training our little 2/12 year old boy. 
He has done so well so far...lets hope it continues! 

This time around we didn't buy him the little potties they make for kids. We bought one for my daughter and she didn't really use it that much. Plus with my little guy he has had interest in sitting on the toilet for a few months now so I figured I would just go right to the toilet. 

Its hard for him to get up on the toilet so my hubby and I made him a little step stool. 
Of course you can use this step stool for anything, but for now its for our little man!

Here is what the stool looks like:

Isn't it the cutest?!?
EEEEK I Love how it turned out!

How I Made It:
First my awesomely amazing hubby made me an A Frame Step Stool. This is the look I wanted so that's what we did! The top measures 13" wide by 11" height. It stands           from floor to the top of it. 

I started with the legs of the stool. I used a white wash stain that we had leftover from our bed that we made awhile back. I put 2 coats of that on.

When that dried, I took sand paper and cleaned up some of the mess I had made on the top board and also sanded the edges of the legs a little bit. 

Then I took the color Jacobean and stained the top board and also the legs of the stool. On the legs I had to do it in small sections and quickly. I rubbed some stain on and took a dry cloth and wiped to get some of the access off. I didn't want it to turn dark brown, just a lighter brown-almost cream colored. 

Next, I took clear spray paint and coated the whole bench with it. I did do 3 coats on the top of the step stool since that was going to be getting stepped on a lot!

Lastly, my hubby and I designed the chevron pattern on top and cut it out in yellow vinyl. 
Then we applied that to the step stool. 
*I didn't put anything else on top of the stool to protect the vinyl. This way we could easily remove the vinyl to do a different pattern on it down the road! I thought this would be a fun thing for it**

I love how it turned out and my little man loves getting to the toilet and sink easier now!

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  1. so cute. something so fun about stools in general :) love the black and yellow for sure

  2. Oh my gosh that turned out super cute, I love the chevron


    Creative Raisins

  3. I so love the color choice you made, bold and sassy! perfect for a little boy Great job!

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! You are too sweet! The little man sure loves it :)

  4. Wow, your husband is one talented guy, Jill! I love the design of this stool and I love how you finished it!

  5. Wow, your husband is one talented guy, Jill! I love the design of this stool and I love how you finished it! bridal bed sheet design with price , cotton duvet sets sale


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