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How to Back Up Your Blog

As most of you already know, 
I had a HUGE SCARE last Thursday with my blog. 

The Story:
I got a cute message from Danni at Silo Hill Farm on Thursday morning 
on Facebook asking if I was ok because she couldn't find my blog. 
My heart started racing!! I ran to my computer and went to my blog
 only to find it was GONE!!!! AHH! 
I started freaking out and crying. 
My sweet hubby came over and started looking over things with me. 
We looked at bloggers list of things to do if you can't find your blog. 
Not one of the things on the list worked. I did not receive any emails from them saying they were going to remove it. I tried to contact them, but didn't hear back from them. 

Later that day I got an email from Danielle at Blissful and Domestic, along with a few others
saying they had been to my blog and found it was BACK!!!
I had to go check it out for myself and sure enough

I have never felt more relieved in my life. 
I seriously thought I was going to be going through a lot
to get it back.  I am so grateful it came back on its own. 

The whole thing was bizarre because I never heard from blogger, not even when it came back. 

What I Did for my Followers:
When I first figured out it had been removed I sent out a mass email to many of my followers. Many of you email me back asking if I had BACKED UP MY BLOG
I had never even heard of doing this or would even know where to begin to do so. 

One blogger, Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects, emailed me saying she was just going to be doing a post about Backing Up Your Blog. She asked me if she could use my story in her post. 

So today Adrianne and I are TEAMING UP with 

She sent me over every step on how to do so with pictures so I could back mine up.
It took me less than 5 MINUTES! 
And what a life saver it will be if something like this happens again.

I am going to be doing this weekly from now on!!

So now I am going to send you over to 
Happy Hour Projects 
to see how to

She has an awesome tutorial for you on how to do so! You don't want to miss it!


  1. Great minds must think alike! I just wrote a post about you and sent readers over to Adrianne's!


  2. Jill, I am so glad everything is back. Hopefully everyone can take something good out of this awful experience and learns something new!

  3. Jill, I'm just so glad it all turned out OK! I never miss reading your posts, so when it wasn't there, I was concerned! I would advise any blogger to take a minute to let another one know if there even seems to be a problem because most of the time, they might not know! And yes, back up, back up, back up! It's so easy!

  4. So glad you figured this out! Can't even imagine how scary that would be. Thanks for the tutorial, I'll be backing mine up today!

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Jill, about backing up your blog. I did a post on that a few months ago and still have to look at my own directions to remind me the order of how to back everything up! Hope your problems with blogger are behind you and that all is back to normal.

  6. All done! I saved both the blog and the template in about 5 minutes. The instructions were perfectly clear. Thanks so much. I always had this little thought that maybe I should back up my blog and now it's all done and it was painless. Best wishes, Linda

  7. Is it just me but where is the link to find out how to back up your blog?

  8. I can not wait to check this out. Isn't Adrienne such a sweet heart. So glad everything is back to normal. What a scare.

  9. Thank you so much for passing this along. I am really happy your got your blog back and everything is working ok. Definitely going to visit Adrienne to learn how to back up.


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