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DIY Kids Magnetic Chalkboard

I bought letter and number magnets months ago for my kids to be able to play on the fridge with. It was always hard because they would have to stop what they were doing so I could get in the fridge if I needed something. I got thinking that maybe it would be fun for them to have a big magnetic board to play on in their bedroom. I talked with my hubby about it and he said, "What if we make it a magnetic chalkboard?" I asked him where in the world would we get a chalkboard from and he told me about chalkboard paint. I am sure most of you have heard of it, but I never had! You can paint this stuff on any hard surface and it makes it a chalkboard! Super Cool!

The Process:
We got a 36"x24" sheet of metal for $8.50 at Wasatch Steel. Very good deal! 
My cute hubby had to grind it a little bit because it had rust on it.  

Next was the chalkboard paint.

My hubby surprised me and painted it on for me. I went out to get started and it was all done! He is the Best! He found the best way to put it on was to roll it. He tried a brush and it left stroke marks. 
Then my mister handyman, husband, built a frame for it. 

Now the fun part. Painting the Frame! I chose Spearmint Green for the color. I painted the top and the inside of the frame. I sanded the edges a little bit to give it an old fashioned look. I then stained the whole frame. The stain I used was Early American. 

Then I added one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Suess to finish it off. I used the font Wish I Were Taller found here. I cut it out with white vinyl.

Cute little Miss Kaitlyn loves it already!

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  1. Great job, and what a helpful husband you have!

  2. That is a great idea...I need one for my classroom...adding this to my kid stuff pin board..….I'd like to invite you to share this @CountryMommaCooks Saturday Link and Greet Party starts(Fri.6pm.ct-Sun.)…..have a wonderful day:)


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