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Healthy Snack {Frozen Yogurt Bites}

I have been trying to come up with different healthy snacks to have during the day. I love to have yogurt because it is just so refreshing. Well. I was starting to get tired of just eating it out of the little container. I decided to try something new with it by freezing drops of yogurt. They turned out to be AMAZING and I will be doing this a lot now! It was so simple to do and they are so yummy! They are way more refreshing then just eating it on a spoon.

  I just had to share this little trick with all of you so you can enjoy their Amazingness too!

To do this all you need is:
-A quart of yogurt - flavor of your choice
-Wax paper
-A scoop (I used a cookie scooper. It was nice to have the thing to help slide the yogurt off. A Spoon would work just fine too if you don't have one)
-A cookie sheet

To make them:

Cover the cookie sheet with wax paper. 

Next take your scooper and put little drops of yogurt on the wax paper.

Lastly, put them in the freezer!!

Wait just a couple of hours for them to freeze. Them remove from the freezer and ENJOY!!

To Store Them: 
Put in a freezer ziploc bag or a freezer tight container. Put them back in the freezer so they don't melt! Then you have a quick delicious snack on hand!

FYI: They do start to melt pretty fast so don't leave the whole bag or container of them sit out too long at room temperature!

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  1. Wahoo! I found a little frozen yogurt bite tip over at PINTEREST a couples weeks ago and tried this too! My kids LOVE them! Such a fun and simple idea. =)

  2. Such a smart idea Jill! And I bet the kiddos love them too! Going to try these soon :)

  3. I recently made these other day and it was a perfect snack for my daughter who is teething. Such a great idea! And thanks for linking up to my party last week! I hope to see you again tomorrow!

  4. These look really good and I'm sure my kids would love them! I'd like to invite you to share them at Sweet & Simple Sunday!

  5. What a great idea! We go through TONS of yogurt in our house!


  6. My oldest boy loves yogurt. I need to try this :) Thanks for sharing at Toot Your Horn Tuesday :)

  7. Such a fantastic idea! Bet they taste a lot better than the freeze dried Gerber ones too! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  8. Thanks for linking up last week! Im sharing this on my facebook and twitter.. so make sure you grab a featured button! Cant wait to see what you link up tomorrow :)

  9. Nice! Thanks for linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We love having you and hope you'll be back next week! -The Sisters


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