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Pinning it on Pinterest #19

Happy Friday All!!

I hope you have had a wonderful week! I have, but its always hard to get back into the swing of things after a holiday for me. Plus last week my little miss had Spring Break so I just wanted to stay in the play mode again all week:) 

I hope you are ready for another fun Pinning it on Pinterest!!

Here we go!!!!!!!!

I love this photograph idea!! How cute that she is looking in the mirror and that you can see the sky! Perfect!
Source: Unknown
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This is an awesome idea. Give frozen cookie dough when giving someone a little gift. Then they can make whenever they want and you don't have to overload them with already made goodies! I am so going to do this next time!
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If you are need of a cute saying for a candy bar....check out this site!! There are TONS of different sayings for many of the candy bars out there. There are a lot of cute ones for Church too!
Source: Crafts by Friends
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How many of your kids would Not Love this?!? Oh my goodness, how fun! I love this idea of building a little playground inside the house. I would have loved that when I was a kid:)
Source: Luxury Home
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Does this look like its built in?? I totally thought it was, but it is NOT!! This is such a cool idea. All they did was paint the wall, bench and shelf the same color. Then hung the shelf and put the bench in! Amazing!! What a cheap way to make it look custom built!
Source: Apartment Therapy
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This is what I want my backyard to look like! Doesn't it look so relaxing and peaceful? I am laughing right now because I just got done working out and I totally want to jump in the pool right now! HAHA! I do love the fireplace out by the hot tub. So pretty!
Source: Rue Group
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I am in love with the seats in this home theater room. Aren't the pallets so cute! Such a creative and unique way to sit! Love it!!
Source: Grosgrain
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This fruit salsa looks amazing!! I love the cinnamon chips to eat it with too! YUM!! What a healthier way to each chips and salsa!
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What a fun way to have S'Mores!!! Love this idea for a party! Just put sucker sticks in the marshmallow dip that in chocolate and crushed graham cracker! So Easy and of course Delicious!!
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Isn't this cupcake stand GORGEOUS!!! I love how it is a chandelier turned into this amazing stand! What a creative way to display yummy cupcakes!
Source: Better Life Blog(Could not find the original post)
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That's it for this weeks Pinning it on Pinterest! I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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