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Pinning it on Pinterest #20

Can you believe we are on WEEK #20 of Pinning it on Pinterest?!? I can't either! Time is going by too fast! I hope you have all enjoyed this series as much as I have!

Because we have hit a milestone with it being week 20, I created a new button. Something fresh and new!! What do you think??

I love how it turned out!!

How about we get to this weeks Pinterest Loves!!!

I LOVE everything about this lamp!! The purple stand is gorgeous with the white shade. I love the ruffles on the shade. This is a DIY project so she shows you how to do it on her blog! And guess what?? There is NO sewing involved!
Source: Red Poppy
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This cute little letter is so Pretty!!! What she did is buy a cardboard letter, then used hot glue to make the design on it. Then she covered the letter with tin foil! Then used shoe polish to antique it! So simple, but it is gorgeous!!! 
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This subway art is so fun for summer!! I love the sayings they used in it! I also love the colors! 
This would be so cute sitting on a shelf.
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How cute is this balloon wall?!? I love how colorful it is. Such a fun idea for a party! So festive!
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These are banana split bites. Don't they look so yummy!! These are perfect for a party. 
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These calendars are so cute! As you can see they are free too! Also the cool thing about these is that you you type up your events and appointments in the boxes! How awesome is that!!! You can leave them on your computer or print them out. Love it!
Source: 505 Design
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These look amazing!! My mouth is watering just looking at the picture. Yum!! These are Cheese and Bacon Potato Rounds. They would be perfect for an appetizer for a party.
Source: All Recipes
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These sound heavenly!! Oreo Cheesecake Bites. I need to try these out soon! I love cheesecake and have never seen a recipe with oreo in it. Sounds delicious!!!
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I am loving all the chunky pieces in this Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. It looks so good!! There is nothing like chicken noodle soup to help cure a cold. I am so making this the next time I have sick family members!
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I have seen a lot of recipes for monkey bread. I have never seen any like this one. It is LEMON Monkey Bread! This sounds yummy! I love having a touch of lemon in breads. It is so refreshing. I need to try this recipe out soon!!
Source: Bakerlady
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Hope you enjoyed this weeks Pinning it on Pinterest! I sure hope that there was something you found to "pin!" 
Have a FANTASTIC Weekend!!

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