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Pinning it on Pinterest #22


I hope you have had an amazing week! I sure did....FINALS are OVER for my hubby so now I have him back for the summer! YAY!!!! Life could not get more exciting then this right now! I really don't see him when school is in session so I am glad to be able to spend time with him again!! Oh and we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary next week so we are going on VACATION for the whole week! I can't wait for that!! 
This also brings me to an announcement for you:
There will be NO Pinning it on Pinterest next week, May 11th. 
I am taking a blogging break while we are on vacation. I will be back for Pinning it on Pinterest on Friday, May 18. I hope you will join me again then!!! 

Now, how about we get to this weeks Pinning it on Pinterest?? I am so excited for this week! I have another SPECIAL EDITION for you. I am going to be doing a full dinner edition this week complete with appetizers, main entrees and desserts! Hope your hungry this week!!!

Now Let's PAR-TAY!!!!!

These are Cheesy Baked Tomatoes. Don't they look Amazing?!? They sound so extremely easy to make. Definitely a good thing when you need a quick appetizer! I need to try these out very soon!
Source: Zip List
Pinned HERE

These just look so tasty! They are Cheese and Bacon Potato Rounds. These would be perfect for a Game Time Party Appetizer! YUM!!!
Source: All Recipes
Pinned HERE

This is called Cheesy Pesto Pull Apart Bread. Doesn't it sound and look delicious?!? What  fun thing for everyone at a party to pull out a couple of pieces to have. Love it!!
Pinned HERE

Mmm..this sounds so good. It is Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken! What a fun thing to have for a mexican night! And this is my kind of meal...done in a crock pot! Looks Tasty!!
Pinned HERE

This is Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken on the Grill!! Perfect for a summer BBQ! My mouth is watering just looking at the picture! They look Amazing! 
Source: Living Light
Pinned HERE

This steak dinner sounds heavenly! You have to go check out the recipe! Ahh, there is just nothing like a good juicy steak every now and again!
Pinned HERE

Here is a Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad. It looks delicious with all the veggies in with the chicken and lettuce. I love having a good salad for dinner!
Pinned HERE

No Bake Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes. These look so good! I love how they are small so you can just have a little tasty treat after dinner! They look pretty too!!
Pinned HERE

Don't these look Amazing?!? They are brownie and fruit kabobs. WOW! What a fun dessert for a summer BBQ party! I really want to make these this summer! YUM!!
Source: Betty Crocker
Pinned HERE

Strawberry Crunch Cake with fresh Strawberries. All I have to say is DELICIOUS!!!! There is nothing like having fresh strawberries in a dessert! I WILL be making this SOON! 
Source: Pip & Ebby
Pinned HERE

Are you HUNGRY NOW?!?
That's it for this weeks Special Full Dinner Edition!!! I seriously could have gone on forever! There are so many wonderful recipes on Pinterest, but I don't think you wanted me to torture you any longer!!

I hope you all have an AMAZING SPLENDID weekend!! I will see you back in 2 weeks!

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