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Vacation Pictures


Did you miss me?!? I sure missed all of you last week!

**First off, sorry for the picture overload! I just couldn't choose which ones to put up!!!**

I had a wonderful fabulous vacation with my cute little family last week. It was so nice and relaxing!!! Last Wednesday May 9th was my hubby's and mine 5 year anniversary! I can't believe we have been married that long! Time has gone by too quickly! 

For our vacation my hubby and I went to a bed and breakfast place from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning. We stayed at Castle Creek Inn, which is in Sandy, Utah. We actually stayed here the night we got married and we stayed in the actual room we were in too!! It was the Romeo and Juliet room. It has a cute little balcony off of it with a table and chairs. We spent a good amount of time out there listening to their waterfalls. It was so peaceful!! Here are a couple of pictures of our time there:
This is Castle Creek Inn. Go HERE if you would like to go to their website.

My Amazing hubby and I sitting on the patio!!

Here we are sitting on the swing out by the waterfalls. 

This is what we were looking at while swinging...
So relaxing!! 

We definitely had some much needed time together away from the kids! It was nice to rejuvenate! 


Thursday morning I got a call at 5:30 AM from my mother in law saying that my little Logan had been up on and off through the night. He had a very high fever of 103.9. Poor guy:( We were not going to leave there until around 10:30am, but we felt bad for Dave's Mom so we got up and got ready, ate breakfast and were gone by 9:00am. We wanted to check him out to see if we needed to get him in to the doctor before we left that afternoon for our next trip. 
In the end we figured out he was just teething so we just loaded him up with medicine and took off Thursday late morning for Moab!!!

We arrived in Moab around 3:30PM. We checked into the hotel and got all settled in. 
We stayed at the Archway Inn with the rest of the Land Rover Trek Group.

The next day was day 1 of the trek.

Moab Land Rover Trek Day 1:
This was my very FIRST trek as well as my kids. My hubby went for many years before we got married. I was super nervous so Dave took us on a lighter trail so I could warm up to this. Here are a couple of pictures of this trail.
Lining up for the trail. See how clean it is?? Not for long!!

Mr. Logan was out in about 30 minutes from all the rocking around!

My hubby going over some rocks

The family!! We hiked in a little ways to see this BEAUTY....
GEMINI BRIDGES! So pretty! They used to drive over this arch, but it is now closed to do that:( 

Pretty Flowers in the midst off a cactus

The line up of cars leaving Gemini Bridges

Driving under the rock!

The first day was amazing! I got to experience what is its like to go over all these rocks and things that Dave has done for many years. It wasn't took scary! The Beauty of the earth was amazing to experience too! 

Moab Trek Day 2:
Lining up for Day 2. This particular day we did a trail called Wipe Out Hill. I will get to this in a minute!!

Day 2 was much different then day 1. I told Dave that if we didn't come home with bruises that meant we didn't have fun on our trip! Which means....the car went over so many rocks we just kept hitting the car with all the bouncing! I was never so grateful to see a paved road in my life! HAHA!! 

We drove for along time on the trail. At the beginning there was a big sand hill that we had to go up, which was fun! That was about the only adventurous part for while. We drove to a place called Tusher Tunnel. This was the coolest thing ever. It is a big tunnel formed from 2 rock mountains! 
My hubby and kids at the opening of Tusher Tunnel. You can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but this is somewhat of what was on the other side...
You can't really see what all was there, but it was an AMAZING valley! 

We stopped here to eat lunch! These are all the cars in the group on day 2!

The next stop on the trail was this...
Meet Little Potato Salad Hill. 
The pictures don't do this justice. Those rocks were Big!! The man standing on the rock in the picture didn't really think Dave should do this hill. We were the only one with the smaller Land rover, but of course my hubby had to!!! In this picture was the first Land Rover to attempt it. 

Here is my hubby attempting it:
This was my FIRST time at having a heart attack on the trip. It was so scary watching him trying to go up it. In this picture, he is just barely at the top of it. He almost took the back bumper off. Seriously! It was so scary! But he made it!! Good driving honey!!!

Here is where I was SO CLOSE to having my second heart attack. 

This hill was CRAZY. This picture does NOT do this justice. What you can see here is 1/4 of the whole hill. It was so long and SO STEEP. Dave said he was literally STANDING on the foot rest of the car going down this. 
***I filmed my hubby going down, and didn't get very good pictures of it so you have a picture I took of another guy going down it.***

This is somewhat of a better picture of what this hill looks like!!!

Everyone made it down safely. We only had ONE mishap when that little red land rover tried to go back up and lost everything out of the back of the car! Coolers and all!! It was a little scary to watch. I honestly thought he was going to roll!


Overall it was an AWESOME vacation! I really want to go again next year! It was a perfect way to have a fun family vacation and still let the kids get their naps in! Both of our kids got naps both days. Our oldest doesn't even take naps anymore! It was perfect!!!!

Sorry for the long post!!! I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip!!!


  1. It looks like you had a great vacation, thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. See you on Thursday

  2. Wow looks like you had an amazing time

  3. Wow! Looks like so much fun! The bed and breakfast is so cute! Glad yall had a great time and that Logan is feeling better :)


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