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Pinterest Picks #5

Happy Friday!!

I hope you are having an awesome week! I sure have had a fun one. I got all my fall/halloween decor up in the house!! I have also been working a bunch of Halloween crafts. Its been a good productive week!! 

I hope you are ready for another Pinterest Picks! 

Here we go...


I LOVE this lamp! The colors are so cute and the fabric on the lamp shade is adorable!! The best part is...its a No Sew project! I have a few lamps that need a makeover and this is a great tutorial I need to follow for that.
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I love everything about this little area. It is prefect for an entry way! I really like the {old dresser} table with the drawers and to hang a wreath from a curtain rod...brilliant! It add so much to it all!
Source: By Your Hands
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I ADORE this sign!! It just makes me smile with all the fun colors of pillows below it!  You can't help having a happy face when looking at it! I also love that it is made from a pallet board.
Source: CasaSugar
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I love the colors of this bedroom. I looks so relaxing especially with that fireplace in the background. I also love the stencil wall behind the bed. So cute!!
Source: LouLou Sucre
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I LOVE this look. I am not even sure what it is called...I know it has a name, but it makes a boring wall have a whole new fun look. I love what the original pinned said about it too..."Take a Michael's frame and glue it to the wall and paint the bottom half of the wall." HELLO....PERFECT way to make this wall!!
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What a fun game for a night time party!! I have never thought of this before, but I know my kids would LOVE to play this! Such an awesome idea!
Source: Momma Did It
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Caramel Apple Bar...what a fun party idea especially with Halloween and Fall coming up this would be a fun treat! A fun way to have them as well {Apple Suckers!}
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I know that many kids would love this drink. Those are cool aid ice cubes put into sprite! What a fun drink for a kids party or just to have at home!!
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OK...I Really need to learn how to do my makeup better. I can't even believe the before and after on this girl. What a difference. It definitely brings out her features. So pretty!!
Source: MaskCara
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This is Cinnamon Churro Chex Mix. Oh it sounds so good!! I bet coconut would be good in it too. What a fun little treat to have on hand!
Pinned HERE

Well, that's it for this weeks Pinterest Picks!! Hope you found a few that you like as well!
Have a Splendid Weekend!


  1. Jill, you have found some great pins! :D

  2. Hey Jill, I agree, using the curtain rod is awesome! great pins.

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