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Monogram Composition Notebooks

Since the last few years I have gotten into crafting, I have wanted to
make at least one thing for my kiddos for Christmas. This year I decided 
that they both needed their own notebooks to color and write in.
 They usually find mine and color all over so then I run out of pages 
to write in fairly quickly. 

A couple of months ago while I was at Walmart, I went to the crafting clearance section to see if they had anything good. They had these super cute composition notebooks for $.75. I grabbed a few of them because they were such a good deal. They are already so cute with their patterns on them, but I really wanted to make them personalized for my kids so I had to cover them up.

How I Made Them:

I have a girl and a boy so I found some cute chevron paper at Michael's that would work for them and cut it down to size. I traced the notebook and cut it out with my big cutter and scissors.

Next, was figuring out how I wanted it to look. I cut the papers I wanted to go on top of those.

To Do the Monogram Letter:
I wanted the letter to look worn so instead of just printing one out on the computer I went about it a little bit differently. 

1. I got on my cricut and cut the letter "K" and the letter "L", which are the first letters of my kids names. 

2. Then I set the silhouette of the letter on the paper I wanted it on and stamped it on. I used a sponge and dabbed it on so it would have the worn look. 

*I didn't get a picture of the other letter by itself.

3. Then I took another side of the sponge and brushed a light brown around the edges of both papers giving it a worn edge.

Lastly, I used a glue stick and glued everything on in the places they needed to be. 

Here is what they look like all done:

They totally loved them when they opened them on Christmas! I wrapped a set of crayons for each of them with their notebooks. They were already busy working on Christmas Day!!

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  1. these turned out so cute!! What a nice way to personalize a comp book- I bet I know some adults who would love that too!

  2. Another fantastic idea! I would NEVER, in a million years, thought of cutting out the middle of the notebook....genius! :-)


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