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Pinterest Picks #16 {New Year's Parties/Decor}


Can you believe Christmas is just 4 days away?? Are you all ready? 
I am not yet, so I a am glad there are still a couple of days before it's here!!

Just a quick note to let you know there will be no Pinterest Picks next week. I am taking a few days off for the holidays. I will have a few scheduled posts up, but that's it! 


So for our 
I have a special edition for you!

I know you have all been busy getting ready for Christmas, but have any of you thought about New Years?? I honestly haven't even thought about that yet so I have a 
for you today!

Here a few party and decor ideas I have found.....

How cute are these clocks all set to 5 min. before 12:00?!? I have never thought of putting up decor for the New Year theme, but I LOVE these! I really want to go to our local thrift store and find some old little clocks! Too Cute!!
Source: Junk Garden {couldn't find actual post}
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This is such a cute centerpiece for a New Years table. So creative with the noisemakers and they also double for blowing on midnight!! Thrifty!!
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I am loving the decor of this party and the colors as well! The silver and white look gorgeous together! Those party hats are darling and would be perfect for a party with kiddos!
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This is super fun decor for a party! I love the numbers at the bottom counting down to the New Year! Too Fun!!
Source: Fiskars
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Here are some super cute and stylish New Years Printables for your Party!! And they are FREE! Go check them out!
Source: Love the Day
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I thought this was such a cute Printable to put up for the New Year! Its so sweet!
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This cake is Amazing!!! What a cute idea to make it like a clock. I have never thought of this before, but its PERFECT for a New Years Party!! I love how the stars come out of it as well! 
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I Love these cupcake toppers! The colors are so cute! Such a cute way to dress up a plain cupcake!
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I LOVE having the sparkler for a cupcake topper!! Might be a little dangerous for young kids, but ADORABLE! Definitely festive!
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These are also super cute cupcake toppers. I love that they made them like a clock!! The gem in the middle just adds the New Year sparkle too! 
Source: Unknown
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I hope you were able to find something to help you out if you are 
throwing a New Year's Party or 
just wanting to put decor up! 

Hope you all have a very
Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year!!!


  1. what a fun assortment- I am also a huge fan of all the clocks- I think a clock collection would be super fun to incorperate into every day decor :)

  2. love that clock mantle! how fun!!

    1. I know...isn't it adorable?!? Totally in Love with it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am so excited to celebrate New Years Parties 2013. It's an ultimate way for enjoying New Year Celebrations.


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