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Pinterest Picks #26

Happy Friday!!

Who is READY for the Weekend?!? I sure am! Its been a busy week so I am ready for a little down time. The hubby is working all weekend so I will be able to get a lot of crafting and blogging done...hopefully!

So glad you have you join me for this weeks Pinterest Picks!

I have a fun little list put together so let's get to it!


I thought this was a fun little idea. Every time you work out give yourself a $1.00 tip {or whatever amount you want to}. Then after a month or two go treat yourself to something, clothes, purse, etc. Love this!!
Source: Unknown
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Oh my, this is the BEST site for weight loss tips. The whole post is called "The Anti Diet." She has 10 Amazing Tips to help shed those unwanted pounds. You need to go over and read what she has to offer. So good!!
Source: The Londoner
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I LOVE this quote!! What a good motivator! I need to print this out and hang it on my wall for a daily reminder as I am working out especially with getting back on the weight loss track!
Source: Back on Pointe {Couldn't find original pic}
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These are 2 ingredient cookies, as you can see it is bananas and oats! I need to try this out. It sounds really good and of course super healthy! What a good way to get your sweet craving in!
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This is a simple smoothie that only has peanut butter, bananas and milk in it. Super healthy and its sounds delicious too! Must try this!
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I am in LOVE with this nightstand! What a cute way to liven it up! I love the turquoise color and I love what they did inside! So fun!
Source: Spoonflower
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How cute are these pillows?!? You could do this when they grow out of their jersey's for a keepsake or they would be so easy and cute to make for a sports/baseball themed bedroom to put on the bed. Too Cute!!
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I LOVE this bathroom art! What a cute a fun thing to put up. I need to do something like this for my bathroom soon!
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Is this cake not the cutest?!? What a great idea for a Birthday! I am sure all kids would love a surprise like this in the middle! 
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I have 2 things in this picture I want to point out. I LOVE the idea of a waffle bar. This would be perfect for a morning/brunch wedding or baby shower and so easy to do! Also I love how they put down butcher paper and wrote instructions right on it. What a great idea! 
Source: Veronica Yem
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Hope you enjoyed reading this weeks 
Pinterest Picks! 
Hope you found something you love as well!

Have a Spectacular Weekend!


  1. What fun ideas... especially love the waffle bar.. yuuum

  2. I want to try the cookies and the banana smoothie. Yum!

  3. What an amazing ideas!!! I like your tips...

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