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Quick Cinnamon Rolls

While growing up my Mom made some really yummy cinnamon rolls out of biscuits. 
I always loved them! As I got older and moved out, I forgot 
about these particular cinnamon rolls. 

Now that my little family is living with my parents right now, 
I was thinking about memories of our house and childhood one day.
 I don't really know why, but these cinnamon rolls came to my mind.
 I knew I needed to make these for my kiddos 
because I knew they would love them as much as I did. 

What You Will Need:

- 1-2 small cans of Biscuits
- Mixture of Cinnamon Sugar
- 1/4 - 1/2 stick real butter
 {depending on how many you are doing}

How To Make It:
First you need to prep a little bit. You will need to melt the butter in a bowl. Pour some of the cinnamon sugar mixture into a bowl and open the biscuits and get them ready. 

Next, you will follow these steps:

And that's it!! Super quick and easy 
and oh so yummy!

**Tips: I have used the jumbo biscuits before and they worked, but you really have to coat them with the butter and cinnamon sugar. Also, you can't put them in the pie tin. Just put them out on a cookie sheet and bake them that way.

I have never tried it before, but I bet it would really taste even more like a real cinnamon roll if you drizzled some of the frosting over it! 


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  1. Yum! Those sound terrific and easy. My new fave thing to do is buy canned cinnamon rolls and throw them on the waffle maker. They're ready in 3 minutes- add frosting and Done!

  2. Wow - these don't look quick but I love that they are! Yummy! Thank you for sharing!

  3. These look so yummyyyyy!!

    Holli what a great idea, going to try that for sure. Have my grandmothers waffle maker its the best - old school!

  4. I remember making these at my friends house when I was a kid. I've since made something similar but cut them into quarters first and put them in a Bundt cake pan to create a ymmy pull-apart breakfast treat. Drizzle with cream cheese icing, and yum.

  5. Quick and easy! =) Love it!! Thanks for linking up at our Pinterest Power Party!


  6. Jill! These look great! Thanks so much for sharing! We appreciate you joining our party! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Joye & Myrna
    The Busy Bee's


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