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Pinterest Picks #38

Happy Friday!!

So happy to have you join me for this weeks 

I can't wait to show you what I have found. 
I just love Pinterest and all the fun ideas they have!

Let's get to it, shall we?!?

I am in LOVE with is ottoman! What a cute idea to cover it in fabric let alone a RUG!! GENIUS! I like the fun flare it gives to the room! I also love that it can serve as a little coffee table! 
Source: Teal & Lime
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How fun is this frame idea?!? What a cute way to display lots of pictures. It's also great because its quick and easy to switch out the pictures when your bored of the ones you had in! Perfect!
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Totally in Love with this bench right now!!! I am so having my hubby build one of these when we move into our own place! So cute for the porch!
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I am actually liking this idea of the corners in the kitchen. I always thought growing up I would want a lazy susan in the corner, but then when my hubby and I first got married we had one and I hated it. Stuff would fall in the back and it was so hard to get to and of course it would cause it from turning. What a great use of space and no one would ever complain about having more drawers in the kitchen!
{Not that lazy susans are bad if you have them..just my personal opinion!}
Source: Houzz
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What a trasformation a little crown molding can do!! I LOVE this and will be doing this on windows in my future home! So Cute!
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I am a sucker for toffee! I have never tried making it on my own though. So having the recipe now I need to try it! Looks delish!
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These are Brownie Cookie S'mores. They look so amazingly yummy! What a fun treat to make for a BBQ party this summer! I just might be making these for one :)
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I am dying over these center pieces...they are GORGEOUS for summer! I love the lemons in the mason jars. So bright and pretty!
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We love to have guacamole around here, but the thing I hate the most is that it goes brown where the air has touched it in the fridge over night. This trick says to spay the top of your guacamole with cooking spray and it won't brown! I don't know if it really works, but I am going to try it!
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I am in LOVE with this little Sunday 'Cans'. What a cute idea to help the kids do things they can do on a Sunday! I am going to be making this very soon! 
{There are also lots of great LDS ideas on her site.}
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Hope you enjoyed reading this week!
I hope you fell in love with something as well!

Have a Fantastic Father's Day Weekend!

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