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"Hand"Made Cards

These cards are such a fun way for your 
kiddos to show how much they love others!
How cute is the little heart in the 
middle of their hands!

They are so fun and easy to make.

What You Will Need:

-You need a piece of paper. Whatever color you would like.
-Pen or Pencil
-You lovely child who's hand you will trace

How I Made Them:
First you will fold the paper in half "hamburger style."
Then you will take your child's hand and place the fingers on the folded part of the paper. 
You will want the fingers to hang over a little bit {the thumb and the pointer finger}.
This way it will stay connected when you cut it out.

Also, the closer you put those 2 fingers together the more it will be heart shaped. Just not too close! This is harder then it seems with young kids! They love to move their fingers when you place them where they need to least mine did!

Then you will trace their hand.

Once you get it traced you will cut it out on your lines!

Now the fun part comes...
Write a cute little note inside to whomever you are writing it too!!

Super cute!!!

I know the recipients of these "Hand"Made Cards loved them a lot!!
It is also fun to have the personal touch of their hands!

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  1. What a cute project and I'm glad I'm not the only one still using "hamburger style" in posts;)

  2. These are super cute Jill! My in laws would love to get cards like these in the mail from the kiddos. Ill have to make some soon!

    Im going to feature this in a back to school roundup tomorrow! Thanks for linking up to Financial Friday! :)

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