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Pinterest Picks #41 {Home Ideas}


Are you ready for another Pinererst Picks?? 
I sure am, so let's get to it!!

This week I have a
Special Edition of

{My hubby and are I working to buy our first home so I have been looking at lots of ideas of things I would love to do to upgrade the house. Crossing our fingers things work out!}


I love this idea of "framing" the bathroom mirror. What an amazing difference! Just a simple transformation does wonders!
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I will definitely have a gallery wall or two in the new place! These are some great tips to help me do just that!
Source: 52 Mantels
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I love these pantry shelves! Definitely lots of space for storage. I love the different sized shelves for canned goods, boxed food and shelves for appliances. 
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I LOVE these colors together!! They are so soft and peaceful. Definitely something I want to give the feel of in my home. 
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How cute is the chalkboard table for games?!? What a fun creative idea for a game room. I Love the yellow too!
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What a great little food rolling cabinet for extra storage. I definitely think I will use this idea in the future! I also love the old window chalkboard menu board in the background! Super cute!!
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I love the colors of the walls in this bathroom. I love the coral and grey look together. I also love the shelving above the toilet. So pretty!
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I love some of the decor in this bathroom! Like the letters 'BATH' above the toilet and the mason jar soap dispenser. I also love the polka dot towels! So fun!
Source: Holly Mathis
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I think I am liking the idea more and more of the two toned cabinets for upper and lower cabinets. I don't know if the hubby will like that idea, but it gives a good contrast. I also LOVE the subway tile for the backsplash.
Source: Chatelaine
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If we end up keeping the original cabinets, I would love to paint and antique them like this cabinet. I am a sucker for this look!
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That's it for this weeks Home Ideas Edition of Pinterest Picks! Hope you enjoyed reading and found ideas you love as well!

Have an 
Amazing Weekend!


  1. Great ideas! Seriously what did we do before Pinterest?

  2. Thanks for including my bathroom mirror tutorial in your list of Pinterest picks! I really appreciate it!

  3. I am in love with that pillow on the chair from Caitlin Wilson. Is there any way to find out what the name of the pattern is? I clicked on the link and it said the page was not found :-(.


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