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DIY Flower Plant

A couple of months ago we bought some nightstands for our bedroom. We have been married 4 1/2 years and never had nightstands. I am loving them!! 
I love how it has the drawer and the big open space at the bottom. I apologize because I got lazy and just used the picture my hubby sent me when he bought them!

We are living with my parents while my hubby is going to school so our computer is in our bedroom. We needed a place to put the printer since we moved things around to get the nightstands in. So we put it on one of the nightstands. Dave said to me, "I will let you buy a plant to put by it to kind of hide it." I was so excited about that. After I got thinking about it I said to myself, "Hello, why don't you just make your own. This way it will match the colors in our room and be just what you want!" Good thinking Jill!! So that's what I did. 

What You Will Need:

-Some type of container to put it all in
-Styrofoam blocks
-Flowers and greenery to add in

How To Make It:

This is seriously so simple and easy to make! I think I will be making lots of flowered plants for my house when I have one!!

Cut up the styrofoam blocks to fit in your container. I know you just love how I put mine in it!!

Then I arranged my flowers and greenery in it! This was the hardest part. Just getting it the perfect height  and getting the proportions  right. I had to cut most of the stems down to get the right height. 

Once I got it the way I wanted it I put the moss in between all the flowers to hide the styrofoam. 

That's it!! Now your are done and have a super cute flowered plant that you did yourself!!

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  1. I love the flower arrangement.Very nice! I am your newest follower. Found you on Blissful and Domestic. And I love the sign you made for the guest post. I want that sign!!
    Come by and say hi!

  2. Great job!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!


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