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Dollar Store Valentine's Frames

Since discovering that the Dollar Store is getting more and more items in there than long ago, I have found a new love to look there for crafts. I can't believe all that they have and so much cheaper then the craft stores. I thought it would be cute to get some small frames and make a Valentine's Decor. The best part is...I can use this for other holidays too!! I have thought about putting "LUCK" in them for next month!! 

These frames were pretty cute! I was very impressed with my find!! 

How I Made Them:
All I did was cut down some cute Valentine's scrapbook paper to fit the frames and then in black vinyl I cut out X  O  X  O with my cricut and stuck them onto the paper. Lastly, I put the paper back in the frame. Super easy and CHEAP!!! 

Here is what they look like:

I put them up on the mantel. Here is the full view of that:

Here are some better pictures of the paper I used:

They are just so fun!!! Love how they turned out!

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  1. I always love all your decorating ideas! So fun;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I didn't see if you entered my giveaway while you were there or not It is a wal mart card. Just in case there is the link I am learning how to redo my page so I think things might be hard to find right now.. I am following you back also. Missy

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog.
    Love your XO's! I need more ideas for Valentines decor and this is such a cute idea!!


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