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Pinning it on Pinterest #8

Happy Friday All!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week. I totally did!! I was able to get quite a few projects done. I love weeks like this! I wish they could happen more often:)

Before I start on this weeks Pinning it on Pinterest, I just had to share some fabulous news with all of you!!! We had a big milestone at Two Yellow Birds Decor yesterday. We not only hit 100 followers, but we are now at 105!!! WOOT WOOT!!! I have been waiting for this day for a while now and its finally come! Yay! Thanks to everyone who is following the support you are giving me!

Here we go with another weeks of Pinterest Loves!!

I was just thinking the other day that I need to make my kids fleece blankets. This is so cute to add a fun edge to the blanket instead of just leaving it cut in strips or tying knots. It looks really easy too! I am going to try this out when I get the fabric for their blankets. 
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These Kiwi Chocolate Popsicles look so tasty!! I totally want to try these out. They sound so refreshing right now!!
Source: oh! Desserts
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Ok so I just had to put this in here because I have totally been feeling like this the past week. I swear they are sewing my clothes to be smaller:) It definitely made me laugh!!!
Source: Unknown
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I am in love with this subway art for Valentine's! I will be printing this out for the holiday:)
Source: Bonjour Blog
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This is such a cute idea for Valentine's! I want to do that this year for my hubby! I love the pictures at the bottom of the balloons! So cute!! I am totally in love!
Source: Everyday Art
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I am in love with this wall art!! You would never believe it, but it is actually a door mat!! Crazy!! I totally want to do NOW!!
Source: Salvage Dior
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When I build my dream house I am going to put in a theater room. This wall art is so cute to put up in this room!! I am totally going to do it! So fun!!
Source: Creative Raisins
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I am so in love with the colors in this room. It is perfect!! I really want to do a makeover in my bedroom with these colors and that bedding. So pretty!!
Source: Houzz
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Doesn't that look absolutely YUMMY?!? Wow! It is a S'more stuffed chocolate chip cookie. I so want to make these. What a fun surprise when you bite into the cookie!!
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This is an old dresser without drawers to make a fantastic way to organize! I so want to do this. I love to be organized and have all my craft stuff in one place. Love, Love, Love It!!!
Source: Sew Many Ways
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There you have it...this weeks Pinning it on Pinterest. I hope you enjoyed reading!! Have an AWESOME weekend!!


  1. I just found your blog and it is absolutely adorable!!! I love your Valentine's Day idea!! So cute! I just joined the blog world and am having so much fun looking at everyone's ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a great idea for a Friday post! Those kiwi/chocolate popsicles are making my mouth water! I just discovered you on The Grant Life's Mommy Panel.


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