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Weather Experiment & Cloud Dough

Welcome to Day 2 of:

Today I have a couple more activities to do with your kiddos. For Day 1's Activities go HERE.

The first one is a Weather Experiment. I was excited to do this with Kaitlyn. I wanted to teach her about rain and clouds. She had a lot of fun helping me.

For this you will need:

-A clear glass or clear plastic cup
-Shaving Cream
-Blue Food Coloring

To do this experiment you will first need to fill the cup up with water. We filled ours about 3/4 of the way.

Next, we put in a bunch of shaving cream on top of the water. This acts as our "clouds" for the experiment. Kaitlyn had fun putting it in!!

Then I taught her about the rain and how it comes from the clouds. I put a few drops of blue food coloring in acting as our "rain."  She was able to see how it rains from the "clouds!"
Watching it "rain!!!"

Kaitlyn had so much fun with this experiment!!


The second activity I have for you is Cloud Dough. It totally feels like flour but it can be molded!! It is amazing!



We used a 9x13 metal pan to put it all in.
This is the 8 cups of flour.

Adding the 1 cup baby oil:
**I mixed it together with a spoon first and then mixed it with my hands to make sure the baby oil got over all the flour.


Kaitlyn absolutely loved this! She played for hours:) 
We even pulled out some cookie cutters!

Hope you had fun reading about the Weather Experiment and Cloud Dough at day 2 of Kids Days!!

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