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Jingle All The Way

I have always loved the holiday saying
"Jingle all the Way!" 
I think its so cute and festive!
Whenever I hear it I think about needing
to stay happy along the journey of the holidays
because sometimes it can get stressful trying to get shopping, baking,
gifting and list checking done!!
 I wanted to make something with that saying on it this year.

What am I using for this project:
I went to the dollar store one day and found a cute silver charger plate. I couldn't pass it up! I also bought a vase there as well. Next, I went to Michael's. I found some super cute glittery ball sticks. They were on sale for 50% off. I couldn't pass them up either. I knew they would go perfect for what I wanted to do.

How to make it:

To start, I wanted my plain clear vase a vibrant Christmas Color. Since the little ball sticks are green and silver I decided on painting it red. I used regular red spray paint to paint it with.
You can go HERE for a tutorial on how to spray paint glass.

While I was working on spray painting that I got on my computer and designed the "Jingle all the Way" saying. I used the charger plate to put it on so I measured it out and cut it out in red vinyl using my cricut. This way it would tie in the red vase!
I used transfer paper to move it onto the plate. 

When the vase was dry, I put the glittery ball sticks into the vase. I also added red glittery curly cues that I had left over from another project. 

I put them together and wahla....
A Cute, Simple and Cheap Christmas Decor!

I love how it all came together!! 
The final cost for this project was $6.00! Wahoo!!!

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