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Pinterest Picks #14 {Holiday Goodies}

I can't believe its already Friday!! Wahoo!! 
Guess what that means....
it's time for this weeks Pinterest Picks!

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This week I have another special edition 
of Pinterest Picks for you! 
I have decided that you can't get away from all the holiday goodies this time of year so I have a 

This is called Peppermint Chunk Puppy Chow. Doesn't this look amazing?!? What a fun treat to put out for a Christmas Party!
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Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake Cake.... It sounds and looks DELICIOUS!!! This would be the perfect dessert to end a Christmas Party! Yum!!
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Don't you just want to eat this picture?!? I sure do!! It looks so fun and tasty. And who wouldn't love some Oreos in hot chocolate! I definitely want to try this soon!
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These are White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels. I think this would be an awesome and easy neighborhood Christmas treat. Love how cute it looks!
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This is another fun way to have white chocolate and peppermint. They have poured the white chocolate into snowflake mold and let it set up in that. You could also use cookie cutters. What a cute festive idea!
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How cute are these Hot Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes?!? What a darling idea. I know my kids would LOVE these. I just might be doing some baking here soon!
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This is called Peppermint Punch! What a yummy, delicious and color fun drink for the holidays! You use peppermint ice cream add ginger ale to it and use a candy cane to mix it. This would be a perfect touch to a holiday party!
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I have seen these type of things all over pinterest, as I am sure you have too. I really liked this one though because as you see they used a small straw to put the marshmallow on so then you have a straw to drink it with after it all melts! So Smart!! I also love that they rolled it in candy canes so you still get that peppermint touch. 
Source: Rose Bakes
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Here is some tasty "lump of coal!" {She didn't make these for the intention of this, but they certainly look like coal!} You could do this for so many things this Christmas season: funny neighborhood gifts, give to your kiddos, take to a party, etc. They sound super easy to make too!! The best part...they are no bake!
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Here is a fun Christmas twist to an old classic. These are Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies. They look yummy!!
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Hope you enjoyed seeing some 
 this week! 
Have a Spectacular Weekend!


  1. Making my mouth water, great picks!

    1. Thank so much!! They all sound so good..don't they?!? Thanks so much for stopping by!


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