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St. Nick Blocks

This last February I showed you some Valentine's Blocks 
that my mom, sister's and I all made HERE
This is what they looked like:

My cute sister in law that a super idea to put St. Nick on the back of them!! 
What a perfect idea! 
So this year we all did just that!

**Before we start, I am so SORRY about the pictures. I did the project in a hurry to get it done and out of the way of things so they aren't the best pictures!!

Here is the back of the blocks:

How I made these:
1. I cut out Christmas scrapbook paper to fit the size of each block. 
2. Next, I mod podged the paper to the blocks. 
3. Then in brown vinyl I cut out St. Nick to fit the size of each block as well. I also cut out a Christmas tree in green vinyl. I then transferred those over to the blocks.
4. I put a coat of mod podge over the paper to protect it and give it a nice shine. 

Lastly, I added a few embellishments to some of the blocks to dress it up a little. 

I love how they turned out! 
And I also love that I have a decor for 2 holidays out of 1 now!

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  1. I think your blocks are really cute! I always forget to get some when I visit the craft store, but need to remember! Come link up sometime if you like on my weekly link up & I am having a few giveaways right now. Feel free to enter! Happy holidays, Theresa @

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