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4x4 Snowmen Tutorial

After doing a lot of wood crafts the past few months for the different holidays I had some 4x4's left over from a couple of projects. I knew the perfect thing to use this wood up to go with my "Snow Themed" Month.

4x4 Snowmen were just it! 
I went on Pinterest to get ideas on how I wanted to make them. I found some that I really liked HERE on Pinterest from Crafty Wood Cutouts. {I couldn't find the original post on there though. I also saw the ones at A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow that she made. You can go see them HERE.

Here Are My Snowmen:

How I Made Them:

I got my 4x4 wood out and had my hubby cut them for me. The sizes I did are: 1- 20", 1- 15" & 1- 13". 

Then I got to work on painting them white. 
I did 3 coats of white on each side. I wanted them to be really bright white. It took me almost a day to paint them. On the tallest one I painted the top 3 1/2" black to make a top hat. I also painted a strip of wood, that is 6" long by 1 3/4" wide, black to put as the brim of the hat. 

When those dried, I sanded all the edges of the blocks. I did it by hand quickly because I didn't want it too perfect sanded looking. I wanted it old and worn looking. 

Then I started working on the accessories. For the nose, I followed what Whitney did at A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow. I thought it was a genius idea. She took a orange yellow painted star that she got at Michael's and cut it up to use for the carrot nose. So I did just that. 

After I cut them off I sanded all the edges to match the style of the 4x4's.
I had some cute black gem buttons that I used for the eyes. For the buttons down the front I bought a package of wood circles at Michael's and painted 9 of them black. When they dried, I sanded around the edges to match the rest of the snowmen. 

When I had those all in place I hot glued all the stuff on. 

Next, I made the scarves:
I went to JoAnn's to find some fabric. I wanted really fun winter colored fabrics. I found these and fell in love with them together. 

There was only one problem with getting this type of fabric. It was only one sided. I didn't want to just cut it and put it on because then you could see the plain back of it so I got to work on my sewing machine. I was actually excited to do this because I got this machine for Christmas and haven't used it yet. 

I wanted the scarf to be about 2" on my snowmen so I cut a strip of fabric that was 4 1/2" wide and 30" long. I did a longer strips for the other snowmen  because of the way I wanted them tied. 

I then folded the strip of fabric together with the right sides together. Then I pinned them.

Next, I sewed that together. I used the end of the presser foot as my guide. 

Then I took a safety pin and pinned it to one peice of fabric on one end. 

Then I put that through the tube I created and bunched the fabric 
through until I could get the safety pin out. 
Then I gently pulled the fabric through. 

Now I have a doubled sided scarf! I though about ironing it out so it would be smooth, but I didn't want it crisp looking on my snowmen and I like how it looked a little wrinkled so I kind of evened it out and then tied them on my snowmen. 


Lastly, I created ear muffs for the other 2 snowmen. 
I bought 4 wood circles at Michael's and painted them purple and light blue with regular craft paint.

After those dried I wrapped wire around them to create the ear muff look. 

Then I hot glued those on to the snowmen.
I LOVE, LOVE the way they turned out!!! These go perfect with my other snow decor I have made!

Hope you all stay warm during these winter months!

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  1. these are so adorable. not sure whats cuter, the scarves or ear muffs.. OMG!!

  2. I love this and I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  3. Those those are adorable, I love the little earmuffs


    Creative Raisins

  4. Oh I love these. I love snowmen. You did a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
    I posted on Thriving Thursday also. Come by and see me. It was nice meeting you.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  5. So cute! And I love all the details like the ear muffs. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are adorable! Love the ear muffs!

  7. Aw, so cute!!

    We're featuring you this week @ Keep Calm & Link Up! Come by, grab a button, and link up your latest and greatest this weekend when you get a chance.

    xo, Meredith @

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