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Easy Painted {Patriotic Mason Jars}

These were so easy to make 
and are such a fun decor with 
these mason jars coming into home decor lately!

What You Will Need To Make Them:
-3 Mason Jars {I used 2 different sized. 1 big and 2 little}
-Red, White and Blue Craft Paint
-Cardboard or Tin Foil {not pictured}

How I Made Them:

If you remember the Easy Painted Vases {HERE}
 that I made a couple of months ago, these were done just like those.

All I did was put a bit of paint in the jar, turned it upside down and started turning it so the paint would go all over the jar, like this:

After you get the paint fully covered on the inside you will set them upside down to drip the access paint. This will take a couple of hours. Just keep checking and then moving it to a clean area so you can really monitor it.

Then when all the paint as seemed to drip off you will set them up right to fully dry. I set mine outside because it was a super hot day so I knew they would dry pretty fast.

When you fill they are fully dry, you can put the rings back on them and put a flower in if you would like! 

If you want to leave them without these, you will want to take sand paper to the tops of them to get rid of any paint that needs to be removed on the outside lip. 

That's it!!

So easy and they turn out gorgeous!!

Hope you have an 
this week!!!

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  1. Very cute! I tried the vases about a year ago and didn’t like them. They were hard to get the paint into all of the little grooves. Big open mason jars would be much easier and so cute. Love them with the ring of the lids on them!

  2. So cute! I need to try this!

    1. Thank You Jessica!! They really are so easy and fun!! The best part is there are so many things you can do with this trick too! Lots of fun ideas!


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