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A Crafty Christmas

I hope all of you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!! My family and I sure did! Santa stopped by our house with many presents:) It is so fun having kids of my own now to go crazy with on Christmas! It is so awesome to watch their excitement!! We totally forgot to take a picture on Christmas day of us all so here is a picture of us in our Christmas Eve Pajamas, which is a tradition in our family....

I got many awesome presents this year. A few of my favorites are going to help me a lot with my CRAFTING!!!! I am so excited to use them:) I got a Pink Tool Box from little miss Kaitlyn, a few other tools, a hot glue gun with different temperature settings, scrapbooking paper and some plastic boards that I can make my own stencils out of. I can put them in my cricut to make them!! I can't wait to try that out! I am totally excited about the hot glue gun with the temperature settings. I have burned myself so many time with my other one. This will be so nice to be able to turn the temperature down when I don't need it so hot! YAY!!

You do not even understand how excited I was to get my own tools!! We are living with my parents and my hubby keeps all of his tools over in his parents garage because he has a billion of them and wants them out to use so I don't have easy access to them so I have been using my dads tools to do my crafts. Now I have all the basics right in my craft room to be able to use!!! Here is me with some of my new things...

I even got to put them to use Christmas morning. Santa brought Kaitlyn a bike and a helmet. On the helmet package was a bell for the bike so I put that together for her...
Thank you so much to Santa and my wonderful family for an AMAZING Christmas!!!

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